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Cash Raffle Winners

Thank you for supporting the Langley for Families Foundation. The charitable cash raffle supports more than 100 non-profit agencies in Hampton Roads each year, thanks to you! Your support and participation in our events enrich our community. We can’t thank you enough for your involvement.

Thank you to all of our participants! Because of you, Langley for Families Foundation raised nearly $500,000 last year from the cash raffles to donate to non-profits.

Congratulations to our winners!

Winner Ticket # Raffle Month Drawing Date
Stay Tuned! TBD January 2023 January 31, 2023
Winner Ticket # Raffle Month Drawing Date
Nick Cirillo III 1297 December 2022 December 27, 2022
Marshall Brown 2786 November 2022 November 29, 2022
Sonja Harrod 1006 October 2022 October 25, 2022
Jason Harklerode 1196 September 2022 September 27, 2022
Jontae Ford 1968 August 2022 August 30, 2022
James Joyner 1074 July 2022 July 26, 2022
Charity Debusk 89 June 2022 June 21, 2022
Alexia Walke 2228 May 2022 May 24, 2022
Damian Grimm 714 April 2022 April 26, 2022
Donald Dye 1860 March 2022 March 29, 2022
Ashli Taylor 53 February 2022 February 28, 2022
Sarah S. 754 January 2022 January 31, 2022
Winner Ticket # Raffle Month Drawing Date
Auguster Carter 1420 December 2021 December 28, 2021
Thomas Eckstein 897 November 2021 November 30, 2021
Jasmine Drew 2629 October 2021 October 26, 2021
Epiphany McCant 2979 September 2021 September 28, 2021
Adrienne Pittinger 1147 August 2021 August 26, 2021
Betty Jackson 3990 July 2021 (MEGA) July 26, 2021
Edwina Gary 784 June 2021 June 15, 2021
Mary Parker 2384 May 2021 May 17, 2021
Brynda Parker 1157 April 2021 April 20, 2021
Bertlyn Stanislaus 2091 March 2021 March 23, 2021
Travonia Hughes 1636 February 2021 February 23, 2021
Winner Ticket # Raffle Month Drawing Date
Kelly Moore 1740 December 2020 December 21, 2020
Patricia Wilson 970 November 2020 November 16, 2020
Herbert Hayes 2761 October 2020 October 19, 2020
Ulf Dreier 2348 September 2020 September 21, 2020
Barbara Scattergood 326 August 2020 August 24, 2020
Jacqueline Clark 1701 July 2020 July 27, 2020
Elliott Sanders 1066 June 2020 June 29, 2020
Betty Jackson 1964 May 2020 June 1, 2020
Gabriel Franco 1578 April 2020 May 4, 2020
Sherri Trueheart 2265 March 2020 March 16, 2020
Josh Hartung 2606 February 2020 February 19, 2020
Winner Ticket # Raffle Month Drawing Date
Dannetta Townsend 2748 December 2019 December 30, 2019
Kimber Patterson 1544 November 2019 December 2, 2019
Shayna Gregory 1836 October 2019 November 4, 2019
Tacara Truett 70 September 2019 October 7, 2019
Ethel Cobbins 1678 August 2019 September 9, 2019
Jillian Warren 2111 July 2019 August 15, 2019
Theresa Crockett 1589 June 2019 July 1, 2019
Kenneth Mobley 270 May 2019 June 3, 2019
Leonard Doughty 234 April 2019 May 1, 2019
James Foshee 1415 March 2019 April 1, 2019

Congratulations to our December Cash Raffle winner, Nick Cirillo III!
What do the proceeds of the Langley For Families cash raffle benefit?
Proceeds from the Langley For Families raffle benefit children and families in need in the Hampton Roads region. Nonprofit organizations that serve children and families receive grants through the Langley For Families Foundation for support services, enrichment and education programs, scholarships, and medical research. Your ticket purchase supports this mission. Thank you!
How many tickets are sold for each Langley For Families cash raffle?
How much does an individual cash raffle ticket cost?
What do I win if my ticket number is chosen?
There will be one winner for each cash raffle. That winner will receive $20,000 (minus taxes).
If I win, how do I claim my prize?
The winner must report in person to our office in Newport News, Virginia to claim the prize.
Can I purchase more than one ticket?
Yes, you may purchase more than one ticket. There is no limit to how many tickets may be purchased at a time, or per person per raffle.
Who is eligible to purchase a Langley For Families cash raffle ticket?
Anyone who is at least 18 years old and resides in the state of Virginia are eligible to purchase a ticket, with the following exceptions:

Present employees, volunteers, and affiliates of the Langley For Families Foundation and Langley Federal Credit Union and immediate family members of present employees, volunteers, and affiliates of Langley For Families Foundation/Langley Federal Credit Union are ineligible to enter. 'Immediate family member' means a spouse, domestic partner, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, or sibling (including adoptive, in-law, and step-relationships).
When will a winner be selected for a LFF Charitable Cash Raffle?
A drawing selecting the Raffle winner will be conducted after 3,000 tickets are sold or 21 days from the Raffle start date, whichever comes first. The Raffle ticket cost will be refunded to the purchaser if 1,000 tickets are not sold within 21 days.
How will I know if a winner has been selected?
Winners are listed on the Langley For Families website once the winner has accepted the prize.
Who chooses the winner of a Langley For Families cash raffle?
An independent, third party will randomly select the winner. Langley For Families employees are not eligible to be a part of the selection process.
Is my cash raffle ticket purchase tax deductible?
Raffle ticket purchases are not tax deductible. If you'd like to make a tax deductible donation to Langley For Families, please visit
How do I purchase a ticket for the Langley For Families cash raffle?
You may purchase a Langley For Families cash raffle ticket at
Can I purchase a cash raffle ticket with a check, or over the phone?
No. A ticket purchase must be purchased online at
Where is my ticket purchase confirmation?
A confirmation email that includes your raffle ticket number(s) will be emailed within 24 hours of ticket purchase.
Who can I call if I have additional questions about the Langley For Families cash raffle?
For Langley for Families Cash Raffle questions, please call 757-825-7125.